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 +* abbssm's Wiki [#u09f0522]
 +- [[abbssm's Blog>abbssm/blog]]
 +// 自己紹介とか適当にお使いください。 :-)
 +[[best pgdm college in bangalore:https://www.abbssm.edu.in]]: Welcome to your future. We are the difference that makes you special. This is not just an institution, it's a springboard, and it's a catalyst. At ABBS, you will challenge yourself to learn, develop and r4e-engineer yourself to meet the demands of the country and the world. You are the future, and it is our responsibility to nurture the future.The MBA/PGDM at ABBS is specifically designed to prepare graduates in the emerging markets around the globe. The course is a transformative journey-offering unparalleled opportunity along with access to the best global management knowledge, corporate internships and placements from the finest companies in the market.this is one of the top 10 pgdm colleges in bangalore.
 +visit:[[top pgdm colleges in bangalore:https://www.abbssm.edu.in]]

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