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Some facts I wish I had known in college

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Jenna Burton 

When I left college, I thought that I have had made the most of out of that life and cannot do it better. Now after a few years, tackling with practical life and working hard day and night, I have understood that there were a lot of things that I should have done differently. I do not regret any of my time but I do wish that I could have been smarter in handling a lot of aspects of my college life for the benefit of my future.

It is beyond any doubt that the life is overwhelming and most of the students experience living on their own for the first time and do not know how to tackle with a lot of situations or make the most out of their time. This is the reason I wanted to share a few facts that every student should know before going to college or passing out so that their time there is more productive and effective for the future.

Avail every opportunity that comes to your way

I had missed many chances of going to adventures, getting a sound internship and participating in activities for a lot of stupid reasons. Sometimes my friends were not interested in going on a tour or accompanying me for the internship, sometimes I felt I was not ready or confident enough. These mistakes made me miss a lot of opportunities for travelling, getting experience or making my grades better. Avoid it in any case and do not depend on someone to accompany you. All of us have different priorities and act according to yours.

Work on your social skills

This is also related to missing opportunities. When you avail the chance like travelling, internships, taking parts in debates or any other extra-curricular activities, you enhance your social skills which are equally important as your degree and grades. Make sure to work on them and avail every chance to make them better.

Enjoy the free time

No matter how much workload you have, in college you are still able to enjoy your Sundays or weekends and get regular vacations but as soon as you land up in free time will become a luxury. Enjoy the weekends and holidays you get to the fullest.

Cherish the friendships

Friends made in college are for life and it will be rare that you will be able to develop such close friendships after finishing college. As you all will enter practical life you will lose a lot of them when they will move back to their home towns or other countries for the job. Although you stay in touch through technology now, meeting them regularly will become a wish. So cherish every second of the time you can get on your college life.

Help is always available

It is a misconception that you are not able to get any sort of academic help in college and you have to do all on your own. There is a lot of help available all you have to do is to get connected with the tight sources and ask them to help you out to do my assignment for me UK. even teachers are always welcoming to help you out in every way just ask them while they are in their office.

Learn to do the basic chores

Learning basic chores like laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. is a good idea before going to college as there and for a long time after that as well you will have to do it on your own until you can afford a maid.

Spend money smartly

Be smart in spending your loan money on the new pair of shoes or jeans. When you will leave college and get a job you will have to immediately start paying back the debt so make sure you start saving while you are studying.

Have an extra source of income

To pay the debt, take a part-time job while you are in college so you can have some extra income. This will help you lower down the amount of loan decreasing the stress that you will have to face as soon as you get the first job.

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