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Source of KS0457 keyestudio CCS811 Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Sensor :: XOOPS マニア

Source of UsersWiki:nao-pon/blog/2020-12-15

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* KS0457 keyestudio CCS811 Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Sensor [#e884041e]

** Description [#ob44522e]
Keyestudio CCS811 carbon dioxide, air quality sensor mainly uses the CCS811 chip. It is an ultra-low-power miniature digital gas sensor that can detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), including equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2) and metal oxide (MOX) levels. Equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2) is measured in the range of 400 to 29206 ppm (parts per million), and various volatile organic compounds (TVOC) ranges from 0 to 32768ppb(parts per billion). 3mm diameter position hole on sensor contributes to fix on the other device.

Keyestudio CCS811 二酸化炭素、大気質センサーは主にCCS811チップを使用します。 これは、二酸化炭素相当値(eCO2)および金属酸化物(MOX)レベルを含む、広範囲の揮発性有機化合物(TVOC)を検出できる超低電力の小型デジタルガスセンサーです。 二酸化炭素相当値(eCO2)は400〜29206 ppm(parts per million)の範囲で測定され、さまざまな揮発性有機化合物(TVOC)は0〜32768ppb(parts per Billion)の範囲です。 センサーの直径3mmの取り付け穴は、他のデバイスへの固定に利用できます。

** echnical Parameters [#kf9039e4]
- Working voltage: DC 5V
- Working current: 30mA
- Maximum power: 60mW
- eCO2 measurement range: 400-29206 ppm
- TVOC measurement range: 0 to 32768ppb
- Interface: 7pin (2.54mm pitch)
- Positioning hole diameter: 3mm
- Dimensions: 30*20mm
- Environmental attributes: ROHS

-動作電圧:DC 5V
-eCO2測定範囲:400-29206 ppm
-寸法:30 * 20mm

** PINOUTS [#aea02acc]

|VCC|Input power|
|SDA|I2C data pin|
|SCL|I2C clock pin|
|RST|Reset pin: connect to ground, sensor will automatically reset.|
|WAKE|WAKE pin should connect to ground to communicate with sensor conveniently.&br;WAKEピンは、センサーと簡単に通信できるようにアースに接続する必要があります。|
|INT|This is the interrupt output pin that detects when a new reading is read or the reading becomes too high or too low.&br;これは、新しい読み取り値が読み取られたとき、または読み取り値が高すぎたり低すぎたりしたときに検出する割り込み出力ピンです。|

** Connection [#e3305bc1]


** Test Code [#t5ce6402]

+ Place the corresponding file in the libraries folder of Arduino IDE before uploading the code.
+ We recommend to use arduino 1.8.7 version , other version may be not compatible.

#include <CCS811.h>

 * IIC address default 0x5A, the address becomes 0x5B if the ADDR_SEL is soldered.
//CCS811 sensor(&Wire, /*IIC_ADDRESS=*/0x5A);
CCS811 sensor;

void setup(void)
    /*Wait for the chip to be initialized completely, and then exit*/
    while(sensor.begin() != 0){
        Serial.println("failed to init chip, please check if the chip connection is fine");
     * @brief Set measurement cycle
     * @param cycle:in typedef enum{
     *                  eClosed,      //Idle (Measurements are disabled in this mode)
     *                  eCycle_1s,    //Constant power mode, IAQ measurement every second
     *                  eCycle_10s,   //Pulse heating mode IAQ measurement every 10 seconds
     *                  eCycle_60s,   //Low power pulse heating mode IAQ measurement every 60 seconds
     *                  eCycle_250ms  //Constant power mode, sensor measurement every 250ms
     *                  }eCycle_t;
void loop() {
    if(sensor.checkDataReady() == true){
        Serial.print("CO2: ");
        Serial.print("ppm, TVOC: ");
    } else {
        Serial.println("Data is not ready!");
     * @brief Set baseline
     * @param get from getBaseline.ino
    //delay cannot be less than measurement cycle

** Resource [#fad0f7ed]

Download all the relevant info from the link:
-- &ref(KS0457 keyestudio CCS811 Carbon Dioxide Air Quality;

** Link [#d1170858]

- [[ESPHome CCS811 CO_2 and Volatile Organic Compound Sensor:]]


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